Avielle Janelle Hernandez Biography, Networth, Family and, Facts

Would you like to find out about Aaron Hernandez Daughter, a Player in the National Football League? Take this article as an account of Hernandez’s only daughter, Avielle Janelle’s age, facts, and what you have to know.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez Biography

Birth NameAvielle Janelle Hernandez (F)
Birth Date (Age)6th November 2012 ( 7 Years age )
Birth PlaceBristol, Connecticut, (United States of America)
Famous ForLate Aaron Hernandez’s Daughter
Height3 feet. 9 inches tall
Ethnicity Mixed Ethnicity (Puerto Rican and Italian)
MotherShayanna Jenkins
FatherAaron Hernandez
Net WorthShares $2 million with her mum
GrandparentsTerri Hernandez, Jodi Jenkins, Derrick Jenkins, Dennis Hernandez


Avielle may not have experienced her parents ‘ disaster at a young age, but she enjoys her father’s fortune before he died. Avielle Janelle is the only daughter of Aaron Hernandez, living with his mother and another sibling.

Janelle, who is still very young, may be unable to do the show business. She is currently in her education career and could write a showbiz portfolio, potentially a father-like athlete. Aaron Hernandez & his daughter Avielle have almost identical characters to Birthday, actually, Avielle was born on the 23rd birthday of her brother.


Avielle, a departed friend, Aaron Hernandez was once a player of NFL. A couple was critically acclaimed as school lovers, they met Shayanna Jenkins in elementary school, and began courting following school in 2007. Their love game wavered and led to a baby girl named Avielle Janelle Hernandez in 2012 being conceived by Jenkins. Apparently, Aaron signed a five year deal with the New England Patriots, worth $39.58 million in addition to a salary of $12.50 million that same year.

This isn’t all, Avielle came into being the very same month Aaron dated Jenkins, dating from 2007 and Aaron just mentioned about 5 years later. The NFL Player Hernandez promised Jenkins a marriage in 2014. Unfortunately, they could not get together, so they’ve never been together. In fact, the month of birth of Avielle Hernandez was also the month in which Aaron bought a house of 1,3 million dollars.

Things were reversed in 2013 when Aaron was accused of murdering the Massachusetts footballer Odin Llyod. Jenkins (Girl Friend of Aaron’s) sister was dating Odin. It seems the incident is linked to Odin & Aaron clubbing together in Boston, Hernandez is supposed to have seen Odin babbling to customers about a dual murder for which Aaron was being investigated, Angry Aaron struck Odin by a Bullet and this might be the explanation for the murder of the Boston Bandits player. There are many speculations about why Hernandez killed Llyod.


Although Aaron has no sonorous upbringing due to the rage of his father, Avielle Hernandez enjoys a better upbringing, She was born in the USA and is currently in kindergarten. Avielle is a granddaughter of Avielle Hernandez.

Aaron Hernandez Daughter Avielle has her stepfather Dino Guilmette, also a younger sister Giselle Guilmette from another daddy. Dino is a Long Island amateur boxer, and his predecessor also has another daughter. Nonetheless, Sheyanna Jenkins doesn’t tag her daughters as Step or Half sisters, she takes girls instead as Twins.

She’s still in school, and she’s a dancer by nature because it was seen throughout the Instagram account of her mother. Janelle is trained as a dancer by her mother and step-sister at the Cheryl’s School of Dance, on the island of Rhode. The rewards that we have seen Janelle so far have been in a 2nd dance audition.


Born on 6 November 2012, Avielle Hernandez is now eight years of age. Her height is tied at 3 feet as a young six-year-old girl. And 9 inches tall to strengthen with ripeness.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez net worth

Janelle’s father Aaron had left his daughter a few thousand dollars before he died. Aaron’s net worth of millions of dollars was reduced to $50.000 after being accused of several murders in his letter to which he wrote Avielle, and he urges her not to ever fear him but rather to love him. Thankfully, since the killing conviction of Aaron was overturned before he gave up his dream Aaron Hernandez Daughter still has the right to get money from Patriots from her brother. Even Shanna Jenkins even sold $1.3 million to Aaron’s house in 2012.

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