Jeff Tiedrich wife, Networth, Age, Family, Biography,

Birth Date (Age) 16th March, 1957 (63 Years) old

Birth Place Rockaway, New Jersey (United States of America)

Famous as Political Blogger

Nationality American

Father Warren Tiedrich (Deceased 2015)

Mother Joan Tiedrich

Children katie Tiedrich

Wife(partner) Claudia Long Tiedrich

Net Worth $300,000 

Jeff Tidrick is a political blogger, musician, and graphic designer known for his unhealthy obsession with US President Donald J. Trump. He has also been a left-wing journalist at Summer Champ, a fast-growing semi-satirical website since 2011.

You may stumble upon one or two of his anti-Trump tweets, making Jeff so special that the fact that his comments are always number one in Trump’s tweets. At the same time, Jeff Tiedrich managed to gather more than 200,000 Twitter followers at the time of writing.

Although some people think he is being used by Democrats against Donald Trump, we have learned that Tidrick has been a political activist since 2000. The flag was hoisted in 2018. Jeff’s second Twitter account, created in 2018 and now followed by 250,000 people, is known for his hatred, and Bush tweets against Trump on this account.

Tiedrich is also active on Patrons, where Patrons pay 18 7,187 to access their content. He currently has 40 mentors

In his musical career, Jeff Tiedrich began playing the guitar in 1973 with hopes for a better future. He was a proud member of the Alligator Band, which consisted of six members, Stumpy, John Chazen, Eric Lundberg, Sam Mann, V. Don Bogot III, and Jeff himself. He was the lead guitarist and singer of the musical band

Political blogger Jeffrey R. Tiedrich was born in Rockaway, New Jersey, USA. He is the son of Warren Lloyd Tedrick and John Diamond Tidrich (mother). Warren (deceased) served in the United States Army during the 1951 Korean War and the 1951 Korean War.

Jeff, who is of Jewish ethnic background, grew up in Rakao, NJ, as his sister, Alan. Tidrick’s family attended the Bethlehem synagogue in Persepani, New Jersey. Online earning for doctors Top Five Methods

Regarding Jeff’s education, he and his younger sister, Alan, attended Morris Hills High School in Rakao. Jeff graduated in 1975, while his two-year-old younger sister, Alan Wayne, graduated in 1977. Graduated Jeff Tidrick graduated from Morris Hills in 1975. Admission to Parsons School of Design, New York City. He graduated from the school in 1978 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.


Jeff was born on March 16, 1957. He is 63 years old and in March 2021 he will be 64 years old.


Jeff Tiedrich, who is still growing in popularity as a political activist, is currently married to Claudia Long. The love life of the two is a mystery, just as it tied the knot. However, we are confident that Jeff’s private life will come to the fore as his fame grows and he gets media attention.

Jeff Tiedrich, and his wife

Jeff Tedrick and his wife, Claudia, currently reside in Hastings, Hudson, Newark, while their daughter, Catherine, resides in Madison, Wisconsin.

Jeff Tiedrich net worth

Your favorite political idiot is doing more than you can imagine, making money for the smacking champ as a designer, musician, and left-wing journalist. Created in 2020, Smarking Champ now has more than 50,000 registered members, Jeff makes money from the website through AdSense, and donates to people. Summering Champ is a full-time job, and he has to pay for everything he does, Tedrick said.

Some assume that Jeff is being compensated by Democrats, who assume he is using Tidrich against Trump. Jeff currently has over 250,000 followers on Twitter and a political Instagram account with more than 6,000 followers. By 2020, Jeff Tidrick’s total value is estimated at $ 300,000.

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