Jacqulyn Elizabeth Hanley

Jacqulyn Elizabeth Hanley has accomplished more than the rest of her generation, from being one of the country’s most famous actresses to being hailed as the most beautiful face in the world. But there is a girl who was raised not by one but by three mother figures behind her success. And you know what they say: there is a group of great women behind every great woman, who has got her back and make sure she gets the best version of herself!

Liza Soberano left San Francisco for Tuesday, one of San Francisco’s fastest growing VIP, to help the Philippines because she had to leave her family and American mother Jacqulyn Elizabeth Hanley who she did not have seen for seven years. Before the artist left, Enrique Gil’s mother advised her little girl to deal with it.

Enrique Gil, 23, found that Liza Soberano and her mother shared a fascinating minute on their ride to San Francisco International Airport.

Jacqulyn Elizabeth Hanley Acting Career

At the age of twelve, Liza Soberano began her career. Soberano has made her first performance in the comedy series fantasy-drama “Wansapanataym” which enjoys raincoat in 2011. Then, in Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo, she produced her role as Claire Raymundo in 2012. So Angel’s part in the series should be… Love, Daniel, Padilla and the first appearance of Kathryn Bernardo.

Liza Soberano meet with Jacqulyn Elizabeth Hanley after 7 years

Actress Liza Soberano met her American mother, Jacqulyn Elizabeth Hanley, whom she had not seen for the last seven years. His emotional encounter was with her.

A picture from Liza’s meeting with Liza’s mama at the airport was shared by Ogie Diaz, the Manager of Liza.

“This is the moment. Touching nakaka. Nakakaiyak.-Nakakaiyak. The Hindi Nagkita is pitong taong. “Their emotional and emotive atmosphere is the same. Kaya sa hotel rooms, Umaaatikabongkuwentuhan, Tsikahan, emote-emote ang naganap sa mag-ina” (The moment. It’s touching, make you want the cry.

Liza’s mom at the San Francisco International airport in California met the actress and her on-screen husband Enrique Gil. The couple is there for their film “Just the Way You Are” in North America.

Liza did not hide the thrill of seeing her mother on her official Twitter account as shown in a tweet on the 19th of June.

“The aircraft!!!! This is Sanfo we go!!! Mommy comes home, “said the seventeen-year-old actress.

Liza was born in California and raised after her parents, John Castillo Soberano and Hanley, split from her maternal grandparents. She moved later with her father to Manila at age 10.

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